5 ways to collect all the legendaries in Clash Royale

Guys, I every day fall asleep letters with the question of how to get a legendary card in the Clash Royale. Today I have collected five ways that will help you in the shortest period to raise the legs you need.

All that you will see here is purely my opinion, and this information will help beginners with getting legendary. And if you are an experienced and cool player, then be sure to download the app The Free Gems for Clash Royale and pumped faster!

I’ll fight I’d say I super not lucky man regarding “scale fart.” I am always unlucky in cards and other gambling games, and games in General. The piano is no exception. At my level, everyone has more legendary items than me, and the first LEGO I knocked out at level 10! So all you see in my Luggage is what I earned playing the piano.

Five ways to collect all the legendaries in Clash Royale:

  1. The first and easiest way to get the legendary card in Clash Royale is Donat. This method is suitable for you if you have the extra money, if not do not waste your last, you better eat a lot. Developers encourage us to buy, different promotions. I recently webs of shares with the value not less than x4. Making donations to developers, you will receive gems and gold, open more chests, buy more legendaries in the store.
  2. The second way is a test. I confess I have never had a big test, but here are a little past ten times, with ten playthroughs I had three legendary cards. I understand that it’s more like random and luck, but look at the statistics of the tickets won from the top players, and it indeed works.
  3. Find a good clan to fill the clan chest. This is the third way to get legendary. In my clan every time a person brags about 3-4 new legendary with the clan, I knocked there the ice mage. So if your clan is not the clan fills the chest entirely, stimulate him, I will kick inactive players or change the clan.
  4. Opening chests non-stop. It’s no secret that the legendary cards are flying from the silver chest. Try to open the chests non-stop, without stopping. Day open silver overnight put gold. Stuff and Royal chest, do not forget about it. The faster you are going to open regular chests, the faster you will fall and super megacities and legendary chests.
  5. The fifth and easiest advice is to go higher in the cups. I was filming a video on what arena you need to be with your pumping, and if pumping you to stand 4000+ cups, don’t forget about the cool chest with a selection of cards. With him I have already knocked out four legendary cards, sorry could only pick 2.

That’s all I have, and maybe you have something to add? Write comments, watch my videos, good luck! I’ll see you in the arena!

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