Danganronpa, or something: 8 Games with really strange names

Unsurprisingly, my stupidity has no bounds. In this week’s Friendly Fire Show, I embarrassingly struggled to pronounce “Danganronpa” correctly (starts at about 19:00). The series’ confusing title aside, the game itself has a comically strange title, “Trigger Happy Havoc”, that, as fellow FFS’er Shane Wall says, seems to have little to actually do with the game experience … although it probably does if you really think about it, but thinking is not something I do often.

The reality is that Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc isn’t even the most tongue-twisting game title out there. Be it pronunciation, or just sheer stupidity, some game titles are far worse.

Nuts & Milk

Now this game was only released on the Famicon in Japan, but that doesn’t justify the hilarity of its title. For those of us in the West, Nuts & Milk has undertones one might never imagine to see so explicitly in a video game.

The story, unsurprisingly, is as incoherent as its title: controlling a blob called “Milk”, you must save your equally-blobby fiancé from, you guessed it, Nuts.

Get some Nuts & Milk into you, would you?

World Soccer Winning Eleven 5: Final Evolution

Annnnd breatheeee …

I’ll just stick with “PES”, thanks.


This Roman Catholic game (yep) has you attempting to free Christians from the “demon” Roman soldiers who have locked them up.

One reviewer called it, “More boring than Sunday School”. Ouch!

Just try and pronounce that name. I dare you!


It has a ridiculous title but the premise is actually pretty cool: Set in the future, all countries transfer their military resources to the World Wide War Web, where conflicts are battled out, essentially putting an end to war. Winners get to take the loser’s internet infrastructure.

Was it an insight to a world without war? Although, I’m not sure what I’d do without my interwebs…

70’s Robot Anime Geppy-X: The Super Boosted Armor

This side-scrolling shooter was only released in Japan, which is a shame because it looks awesome. Nonetheless its awesomeness doesn’t hide the fact that its English title makes about as much sense as tentacle hentai, which actually exists.

It reportedly came out on PSX on four discs, and is supposedly a great parody of ‘70s robot anime, with a number of fake television ads and a comically incoherent plot to bind everything together. Sounds … actually kind of cool!

Eggs of Steel: Charlie’s Eggcellent Adventure

Yeah, so, umm, this game happened.

The game starts with Charlie eating a donut, one I imagine was made with eggs, and eventually spirals into a platforming mess. It sounds stupid because it is: reviews felt no pressure to fry this egg up once and for all.

Okay that pun was almost as terrible as the title.

Golf Magazine: 36 Great Holes Starring Fred Couples

How about you just call it, “Golf”?


You pronounce this “zeks-zees”, which makes sense, but at first glance it makes my head hurt.

The story takes place in post-apocalyptic year 2777 after the Earth was devastated by nuclear war and natural disasters. The island nation of Xexyz is now threatened by Alien robots.

It was released in North America and Japan but saw no European or Australian release. WE ARE NOT WORTHY!

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